G Herbo Shares Tribute to Close Friend Who Was Murdered

G Herbo wrote a long, heartfelt tribute on Instagram sharing his sadness and grief following the Chicago murder of his childhood friend Lil Greg.

Rapper G Herbo attends New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks game

Image via Getty/Paras Griffin

Rapper G Herbo attends New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks game

G Herbo's childhood friend Gregory Jackson III, also known as Lil Greg, was shot and killed on Jan. 28 at a barbershop in Chicago, as recently confirmed by the Chicago Sun-Times.

When the news reached him, Herb took to Instagram to share with his 6.1 million followers an emotional tribute to his fallen friend. He wrote about growing up together and how Greg always had his back, alongside pictures from their younger days.

“Shorty all I know is you!! From the fucking cradle 2 the grave literally!" Herbo opened his post. "As Im writing this caption twin I ain’t even dropping tears cuz 4 what we always been stronger together & you still with me right now..I feel you! ... I know you 1 n***a that want the best for me & want the best out of me!!!! Im trying to be my best rn lil bro & its hard but I’m tryingggggggg folks!! How the fuck can I be my best withou you & the same n***a I call about some shit as simple as wtf outfit Im finna wear??!! It’s damn near impossible!"

He continued, "But Im saying all this shit to say happy birthday happy birthrite 2 my lil baby brother man!! … You’ll never be gone you’ll never be forgotten cuz ik Im staying in this shit 10 toes downn just off the strength of you! So you live thru me!” 

Lil Greg left behind two young children, whom Herbo appears to have referenced and promised to look after. “I love you & themm 2 lil n***as cmon mann you man they a never go without!! You made sure they don’t so Ima make sure they won’t. … No more sad shit 4 the gram Ima live it up cuz ik thats alllll you did I never seen you too sad or too down b4 lol & we done been thru some shiiiiitttt kid!! You was always the balance! Now got a n***a dizzyyy out here😢.”

According to police reports, 29-year-old Christopher Mosley has been arrested after being pulled over during a traffic stop and having a firearm in his vehicle, later discovered in the forensic lab to match the same weapon used in the shooting of Jackson.  

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