Freddie Gibbs and JPEGMAFIA’s Beef, Explained

Freddie Gibbs and JPEGMAFIA have been feuding on Twitter. Here’s a breakdown of how the beef started and what’s happening now.

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If you’re a resident of backpack rap Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly seen the strange feud between JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs unfolding on your timeline over the past few days. 

Both rappers were in Italy on Saturday for Kanye West’s Vultures 1 album listening event after both of them contributed to the project, and JPEG made it clear that he still has problems with Gibbs from a beef that seemingly dates back to a subliminal diss from nearly half a decade ago. 

JPEGMAFIA went on a Twitter tirade over the weekend and Gibbs responded indirectly by posting playful videos of himself acting as unbothered as possible.

Even after JPEG left Italy, he was still posting videos from his flight to the timeline, pointing out differences between the two of them and explaining how he believes Gibbs is not a gangster. Before long, all of his previous tweets were deleted. It’s been an odd weekend, so if you’re confused, here’s a breakdown of the beef between Freddie Gibbs and JPEGMAFIA.

How did this start?

What reignited the beef?

What is happening now?

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In short, a lot has gone down, and almost all of the shots have been coming from JPEGMAFIA. 

While JPEGMAFIA and Freddie Gibbs were staying in the same hotel in Milan for Kanye’s Vultures 1 album listening, JPEG let off a series of since-deleted tweets, expressing his feelings about Gibbs.

"Never got shot at and did nothing, never got beat up, never spread my ass online, baby got no dick dent. I guess im the gansta now," JPEG said in his first few tweets. "And we at the same hotel this n***a so pussy lmao. Bald head pussy bitch ima fuck ya mamma n***a. Cry harder."

He continued, "N***a dressed like cult member. Not a gang member. Wheres the gangsta shit? Why your daddy a cop. Why your baby got a Dick dent? Whos really corny? Gang member?...You know when n***as got a cop for a dad it negates the gangsta shit they say? Right? Ima call your dead dad and make him arrest your pussy ass."

In the airplane on the way home from Italy, JPEG filmed himself speaking about Gibbs, pointing out differences between the two of them and further antagonizing his adversary. Outside of his airplane videos, all of JPEGMAFIA’s tweets directed toward Freddie Gibbs over the last few days have been deleted.

Gibbs has yet to directly speak about JPEG on social media, but he did film himself acting as unbothered as possible in multiple videos that he posted to Twitter. To drive home the point that he isn’t scared of JPEG, he even used the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood theme song in one of them. Like I said, it’s been a weird week on backpack rap Twitter.

Howdy neighbor.

— Big 🐰 (@FreddieGibbs) February 24, 2024
Twitter: @FreddieGibbs

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