JPEGMAFIA Lobs Insults at an Unbothered Freddie Gibbs in Wild Rant: 'Your Daddy a Cop'

The rapper claimed he was in the same hotel as Gibbs and he did nothing about it.

Two male musicians smiling, one with hat and tank top, other with beard and necklace
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Two male musicians smiling, one with hat and tank top, other with beard and necklace

JPEGMAFIA has made it clear he is not friends with Freddie Gibbs, and the latter doesn't seem to be bothered by it one bit.

On Friday, JPEG took to his X page, formerly Twitter, to tear into Gibbs in a series of since-deleted tweets. The two were recently featured on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's latest album, Vultures 1, with JPEG tweeting over Gibbs' involvement in the record only days before he met Ye to work on what would be his contributions to the collaborative album.

According to JPEG, he and Gibbs were staying at the same hotel and let fans know the Gary, Indiana native wasn't a true gangster.

"Never got shot at and did nothing, never got beat up, never spread my ass online, baby got no dick dent. I guess im the gansta now," Mafia said in his opening tweets. "And we at the same hotel this n***a so pussy lmao. Bald head pussy bitch ima fuck ya mamma n***a. Cry harder."

He continued, "N***a dressed like cult member. Not a gang member. Wheres the gangsta shit? Why your daddy a cop. Why your baby got a Dick dent? Whos really corny? Gang member?...You know when n***as got a cop for a dad it negates the gangsta shit they say? Right? Ima call your dead dad and make him arrest your pussy ass."

Two tweets from JPEGMAFIA in response to Freddie Gibbs, with explicit language and confrontational tone

Gibbs had shared an image of some food he was chowing down on, and JPEG used that to his advantage by referencing a nickname that people gave Gibbs after his ex-girlfriend posted explicit photos of him. "But where in the hotel are you spreadrick?" Mafia quoted.

A dish of pasta with grated cheese on top, on a black plate, shown in a tweet conversation

Gibbs' ex-girlfriend Destini Creams chimed in on the matter telling JPEG to leave her son out of it but he took another shot at his peer. "Why he won't acknowledge his son but he jiggling his ass in a hotel 40 mins from where i was for a week?" He also claims Gibbs did "nothing" in reference to his 2014 shooting.

Screenshot of a tweet reply about someone not acknowledging their son, indicating the original tweet was deleted

Gibbs then issued a tweet seemingly responding to JPEG, saying, "I need my haters to work harder." However, JPEG returned with two posts where he called Gibbs a "pussy" and shared a video insulting him. 

"Protect your bitch, protect everything, man, because you — there's nothing gangster about you, son, except your name," Mafia said.

I need my haters to work harder.

— Big 🐰 (@FreddieGibbs) February 24, 2024
Twitter: @FreddieGibbs

Freddie gibbs is pussy

— JPEGMAFIA (@jpegmafia) February 24, 2024
Twitter: @jpegmafia

Twitter: @jpegmafia

Gibbs' unbothered demeanor even earned some points with people on X after the rapper posted a video of him leisurely walking around the hotel.

you can't diss some mfs man😂

— Rā (@jetkriminel) February 24, 2024
Twitter: @jetkriminel

Last month, JPEG had some issues to get off his chest about Ye prior to being featured on Vultures 1. According to Mafia, he wasn't happy with the Chicago native bypassing him to work with artists he believed weren't worthy of a collaboration.

"Kanye West i respect u but the way u acknowledge n***as who have less to offer u than me makes me feel a way," he said. "Im a scientist in the lab a surgeon bruh u and u skip over me for n***as thats getting they baby mommas fucked on camera. I wanna make money fuck these n***as."

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