Drake Talks Fatherhood, His Latest Project, And Sharing Photos of His Son During Lil Wayne's 'Young Money Radio'

Drake talks about how liberating it was to share pictures of his son during Episode 2 of 'Young Money Radio.'


Image via Getty/Andrew Chin


Episode 2 of Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio streamed Friday night, and during the second installment of Weezy's show, he hopped on the phone with his friend and Young Money protege Drake following the release of his latest project Dark Lane Demo Tapes. During their conversation, Wayne and Drake reminisced about experiences they shared back in the day plus his latest project, how Drake has learned valuable tools for fatherhood from Wayne and other rappers, and how he felt when he posted a picture of son Adonis on social media for the first time. Back in late March, the Toronto rapper took to Instagram to share the first official pictures of his son. The photo thread he shared also included the mother of his child, Sophie Brussaux.

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