Dog Watch: 5 Clues About Drake’s Upcoming Album ‘For All the Dogs’

With Drake's highly anticipated album 'For All the Dogs' still missing a release date, we gathered all the clues he's dropped about the project so far.

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The dog days of summer are almost over, but Drake still hasn’t dropped his highly anticipated album, For All the Dogs.

The OVO artist announced the release of his forthcoming studio album at the end of June after dropping his poetry book, but no date was attached. This has left the internet guessing for the better half of the summer about when the eighth studio album will arrive and what the project will sound like. 

Drake has dropped several hints while on his It’s All a Blur tour about what For All the Dogs might entail, including features from Nicki Minaj and Bad Bunny, cover art designed by his son, and other progress updates on the mixing and mastering process.

Even with all these clues, there is still no solid sign of when For All the Dogs is coming out, so we put on our Blue’s Clues detective hats to gather all of the bread crumbs and piece together what the upcoming album might look like. Check out the five biggest clues about For All the Dogs below.

It’s been described as “the old Drake” and coincides with his poetry book.

Nicki Minaj will be featured on it.

Bad Bunny will be featured on it.

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During one of his Los Angeles tour stops with Bad Bunny in attendance, Drake told the crowd that the two global superstars had another song together that would be on his album. “It’s been like six years since me and Benito did a song, so we got a song coming for y’all on my album and it’s real,” Drake said to the Inglewood crowd. The last time Drake and Bad Bunny linked up on a track together was for their 2018 song “Mia.”

Burna Boy might be featured on it.

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During an interview with Speedy Morman on Complex’s 360 with Speedy, Burna Boy alluded to having a song with Drake that might be on For All the Dogs. “We may have already worked togetherI don’t know,” Burna said when Speedy asked if the two artists ever planned to collaborate with each other. It was previously believed that there was some bad blood between Burna and Drake after the Afrofusion artist wasn’t properly credited on More Life, but the two have since reconciled.

The cover art was designed by his son.

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