Dr. Dre's Oldest Daughter Says She Is Homeless and Living Out of Her Car

LaTanya Young, Dr. Dre's oldest daughter, revealed in a new interview that she is living out of her SUV and hasn't spoken to her father in 18 years.


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It was revealed in a new interview that Dr. Dre’s oldest daughter, 38-year-old LaTanya Young, is living out of a rented car and is struggling to make ends meet for herself and her family.

LaTanya explained to the Daily Mail that she has been living out of a rented SUV while her four children are staying with her friends. 

“My kids are staying with friends — they are not living in the car, it’s just me,” she explained. “I’m taking odd jobs just to make it now — I got paid $15 an hour as an assembler at the warehouse. I’m trying to keep my head above water. I’ve been in debt for a while.”

Young also revealed that the only communication she’s had with her father in the past 18 years has been through his team. On top of that, Young said she hasn’t received any money from Dre since January 2020. He used to help support her and her children financially, but has allegedly since cut off any funding to her. 

Young said she currently works as a Door Dash and Uber Eats driver but said that the SUV she is living and working out of is expensive, and she won’t be able to afford it for much longer. 

“I have friends and family that will let us come back and forth, but the majority of the time I’m living out of my car,” she said. 

Young added that it’s embarrassing to see her father paying nearly $300,000 per month to his ex-wife Nicole Young in their divorce settlement, but not sparing her a dime.

“It’s embarrassing because people are looking at me wondering: Why?” she said. “What Nicole has got is what my mom should have got.”

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