Danny Brown on Why He Felt Kendrick Lamar 'Set Up to Body Me' on Early Version of "Really Doe"

Danny Brown recounted how "Really Doe" came to be, including how Kendrick took over the song.

Danny Brown

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Danny Brown

Before releasing uknowwhatimsayin¿ late last year, Danny Brown dropped one of the best posse cuts in recent memory with "Really Doe" featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt on 2016's Atrocity Exhibition. And it turns out Kendrick was actually the mastermind behind how a lot of the track came together.

Brown told Beats 1 Radio host Zane Lowe back in 2016 that Kendrick was the one who handled some of the technical aspects of the track. "The song was in the studio, and it was an unfinished song. And I was just tryna figure out what I was gonna do with it." Brown said. "And he [Kendrick] just went to the studio, heard it, and took it. Then he came back, had a hook on it, a bridge, a 24. Then I reached out to Earl and Ab and threw their verses on there."

Wednesday night while on a Persona 5 Twitch stream, Danny talked more about how the classic came together, including how he thought Kendrick set him up to get bodied on an earlier version. "'Really Doe' was me with two verses," Danny recounted. "It was never a posse cut. That was my song. That was never a song with a lot of people on it like that."

Brown went on to talk about how Kendrick took over the production.

"But then one night I wake up, that's when I'm in L.A. mixing the album with Ali. And Kendrick sends me a take and it's 'Really Doe'...I think when he did it, he wanted it to be me and him. That was his whole intention. So I'm like fuck it, whatever, but when I kept listening to it I was like 'Damn.' He set up to body me kinda though. That's how I looked at it."

The Detroit rapper also talked about how Ab-Soul got upset because he didn't know that Kendrick and Earl would be on the song, to the point where Soul cut Danny off a future song of his. "Ab-Soul did a verse. That was cool, we put it together. But then Ab-Soul got mad at me cause he thought it was just me and him." Brown Said. "When I asked him to do a verse to that beat, he didn't know Kendrick and Earl would be on that song. He got mad at me. On some funny shit. That [Do What Thou Wilt] song with Da$h, I was the verse on that shit! He cut me off and put Da$h on it." 

Later in the Twitch stream, Danny revealed that he thought Earl Sweatshirt had the best verse on "Really Doe," and that he and Kendrick have an unreleased track over an Alchemist beat that he might play for fans one day.  

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