DaniLeigh Charged With 2 Counts of Assault Following Incident With DaBaby

DaniLeigh has been charged with two counts of simple assault after DaBaby called the police on her to get her to leave his house, TMZ reports.

As the conflict between DaBaby and DaniLeigh continues, the Florida-born artist has been charged with two counts of simple assault after officers made two visits to the rapper’s home.

According to TMZ and a video posted by DaniLeigh, Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD were called on Sunday night by DaBaby as the two were in a dispute that was partially recorded and posted online.

Part of their confrontation was caught on DaBaby’s Instagram live Monday night.

The Kirk rapper posted a statement to his Instagram story explaining the situation from his perspective, saying that he didn’t want to be involved with her.

“I would like to swiftly remove myself from any of the hostile behavior put on display moments ago,” he wrote. “This here thing has gone far enough for shawty to crash out on her own and it saddens me because I still got a queen to raise.”

DaniLeigh later responded with a statement of her own.

“Hey guys since Baby wanna put up a ‘statement’ with his cap (expletive) I’ll put mine up...so we been living with each other for the past three months since our baby been born...doing us...and tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout ‘I need to go’ don’t matter where I go...mind u..I have a new born child.”

Later on Monday, DaniLeigh posted a photo to her IG story showing her inside of an airplane. “I left and me and my baby safe… thank y’all for the support,” she captioned the post.

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