All of the Subs Aimed at Drake on ‘We Still Don’t Trust You’

Are ASAP Rocky and The Weeknd dissing Drake on Future and Metro Boomin’s new album? We dug through the lyrics.

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Future and Metro Boomin’s new album We Still Don’t Trust You is packed with even more smoke for Drake, but this time from new players.

After Kendrick came after Drake on We Don’t Trust You, Future and Metro enlisted ASAP Rocky and The Weeknd to join them in poking and prodding The Boy. On Rocky’s “Show of Hands” verse, he seemingly calls For All The Dogs a flop and pokes at a shared dating history, and The Weeknd croons through some spicy lyrics that people are interpreting as shots at Drake on “All to Myself.” Future also has more to say to Drake, sending him some subliminal shots on a few different songs throughout the album.

This adds to a laundry list of artists who have been potentially feuding with Drake following the release of We Don’t Trust You. With plenty of sneaky lyrics to wade through, here are all of the subs aimed at Drake on We Still Don’t Trust You.

ASAP Rocky

The Weeknd


An appearance from J. Cole

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