Metro Boomin’ Says He Focused On His Joint Album With Future, “And Nothing Else Until That’s Out”

The talented producer updates on his joint album with Future, ASAP Rocky’s long-awaited project, the Weeknd’s final album, and more.

Natalie Somekh

Since his breakthrough in the early 2000s, Metro Boomin has been known to create some of the most cinematic and bombastic music in the game. Over the years, he has been the silent figure in facilitating iconic projects from major recording artists including Future, Drake, and 21 Savage. 

Now, nearly 15 years since his start, he has continued to execute music on the highest levels, delivering cinematic moments that are just as impressive as the action movies we see in the box office. His ongoing history of premiere production, including most recently the soundtrack for Marvels’ Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Young Thug’s latest album, Business Is Business, is probably why he was selected as the headliner of the Red Bull Symphonic. 

The Symphonic, which took place on Oct. 26, at Los Angeles’ legendary Dolby Theatre, saw the superproducer reimagine some of his biggest hits into symphonies with a full-scale orchestra led by Maestro Anthony Parnther and the Symphonic Orchestra. Past Red Bull Symphonic events have been headlined by Rick Ross, but Metro Boomin told Complex in a short phone interview before showtime why he was a fitting act to follow. 

“I feel like it fits because a lot of the music I do feels like a movie, so it's real dramatic and cinematic. So I feel like it just goes hand in hand,” he explained. “I'm really excited for the show. We’re going to have fun and do something special, and just open another door and spark new ideas to inspire more producers.” 

After the Red Bull Symphonic, Metro Boomin says he is focused on only one thing: his joint album with Future. Metro originally confirmed the album is coming in June, and when we asked for an update, all he would say was, “It’s the classic Future and Metro, but just updated.” 

Check out the full interview with Metro Boomin below, where he gives updates on his joint album with Future, ASAP Rocky’s long-awaited project, the Weeknd’s final album, and more. And for fans who missed the show, you can check it out on Red Bull's 1520 channel on November 7.

Why did you choose to partner with the Red Bull Symphonic? How does this event align with your brand?
I just love music. I'm about the music, so I was eager to sign on to this.

Why do you think your music is the best fit to play with an orchestra?
I'm not going to say it's the best, but I feel like it fits because a lot of the music I do feels like a movie, so it's real dramatic and cinematic. So I feel like it just goes hand in hand.

What was it like transforming your music for the orchestra? What was one of the most challenging parts about it?
None. It was all fun.

Are there any songs from the setlist that you’re most excited to play, though?
The whole thing. You know, they're all like my kids, so it's a complete body at work. You can't have one without the other. I feel like they all weave into each other pretty well.

You’ve now played with an orchestra and at big shows like Coachella. Do you think there will be a time for a superproducer such as yourself to play at the Super Bowl halftime?  Yeah, for sure, [Dr.] Dre already did it.

For sure, but I would say Dre doubles as a producer and a recording artist. I’m more so asking if a show like “Metro Boomin and Friends” could happen at the Super Bowl, and would you consider it?
Of course. 

You were the executive producer on Young Thug’s latest album, Business Is Business. Executive producers wear many hats, but could you outline your specific role on the album, considering Thug’s current circumstances?
Really, my role was just to help facilitate everything with Thug being incarcerated right now. By the way, free Thug. But it was really just to help him execute his vision, however he sees. 

When you say “facilitate everything,” do you mean in terms of getting features or just primarily to do with the album’s sound?
It was much just everything, helping oversee everything and make sure it goes over smoothly. He was just feeling like he had been so long, so he just wanted to get some music to his core fans. 

What was the reason for dropping “Metro’s Version” of the album afterward?
Because I had really originally seen the tracklist a certain way, but it was just a lot of stuff going on back and forth with his label and certain stuff. And so after the initial release I kept going on about how the tracklist should have been this way or whatever. So we came up with that, and I just put it out how I see the order and the flow of it.

Thug has been known to record a lot of music and have tons of unreleased songs in the vault. Could fans expect another release with you as the EP while he’s away?
Sure, but he’s going to be home soon, so he ain’t even going to have to do that. But yeah, for sure. 

ASAP Rocky recently stated that the leaks of his forthcoming album have stalled its release. Could you provide any update on when we could expect it now or your thoughts on his previous comments?
It's cooking.

Rocky has experimented with his sound in the past. Is there a particular vibe or sound he’s trying on this project?
It's gonna be dope shit, fresh shit. We both got high taste levels, so just be ready for some high-level shit. 

The Weeknd shared a photo of you, him, and Mike Dean in the studio, and it’s been said that you are one of the producers on the Weeknd’s final album under that persona. Is there an update on that project?
That's not my album. I'm involved. But y'all are going to have to get that from him.

Is there anything you can share about your involvement on the record, though?
We're going in just making dope shit, like we always do. 

You and Future both confirmed a joint album is coming. What is the update on that?
It’s the classic Future and Metro, but just updated.

What do you mean “updated”? Can you describe what that sounds like?
Nah, that’s it. 

You had a small speaking role in Across the Spider-Verse. Are you interested in taking on more roles in film?
Yeah, I would love to. I love fiction, just like I love music. So that’s something I’d like to venture into, more behind the scenes mainly. But I'm open to little small stuff like that. I mean, it's major but smaller roles compared to everybody else.

What else are you working on right now that you can share with us?
My blinders on tunnel vision. All I can see right now is me and Future’s album. Nothing else until that’s out. When it’s a [release] date, the world’s going to know. 

What do you want your legacy to be?
More than any accolades, sales and everything, I just want people to know at the end that I cared the whole time. I cared a lot. Every ounce of effort that I possibly could put into the art, I did.

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