Mack Maine Says "Tha Carter V" Will Come Out First Quarter 2015

And talks more about the Lil Wayne/Cash Money beef.

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Winter's been wild for YMCMB. Lil Wayne's album is in limbo. Nicki's is dropping next week. And Drake and Diddy just got in a fight in Miami. This gave Young Money president Mack Maine plenty to discuss in an interview Miami's 99 Jamz. He answered some of the most pertinent questions while declining to comment on others (e.g. the Drake/Diddy fight). 

On the status of Tha Carter V:

He's touching up the album and about to start another special project for the people. I can't give a definitive date [for Carter V]. I can just say first quarter for sure. ... It's coming out. Don't get it twisted like it's not coming out." 

On the Lil Wayne and Cash Money beef:

"I wouldn't pinpoint anyone personally. ... That's my uncle and my brother that you're talking about. ... I got an optimistic, positive vibe about everything. It's just some business that's gon' need to be handled. ... Once that's handled we're going to keep moving. And it's getting handled as we speak. ... Everybody has their breaking point. ... I support Wayne 1,000 percent. I feel like this matter will get resolved. Period. If I'm still around it'll be resolved.

On Pusha T trolling on Twitter:

"You got to a comedy show you gotta expect the comedian to mess with you. People cracking jokes: that's what happens when you give them some info. You gotta expect that. It's whatever. I ignore it. Back in the day when I was younger I would have been right back at him tweeting."

On Tyga's beef with Young Money: 

"At the time I felt like he shouldn't have been on social media discussing our family business. That was my way to let him know, 'Don't forget: We supposed to be family.' It wasn't like I took a major shot at him. ... We spoke once. We in the middle of talks right now trying to get it resolved. ... It's no bad bad blood. We still professional. We still family. He might have burned a few bridges along the way, but as far as me I feel like there's no emotions in business. ... I could never be sitting around with that much hate in my blood for him. I'm not one of those dudes that turns around and hates you in five seconds."

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