Megan Thee Stallion Addresses 2015 Arrest and Mugshot: 'People Be Really Making Up Stuff'

Megan Thee Stallion explained the story behind her 2015 mugshot.


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Megan Thee Stallion

After a Megan Thee Stallion mugshot from 2015 began making the rounds on the internet, the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper took to social media to provide her side of the events that led to that arrest. As it turns out, the reason was a public fight that took place with her at-the-time boyfriend.

Megan Thee Stallion Addresses Unearthed Mugshot from 2015 Arrest

— DJ Vlad 🇺🇦 (@djvlad) February 12, 2020

As Megan put it while speaking on Instagram Live, she was attending SXSW in Austin when she learned that her boyfriend in question had cheated on her, and ended up having a kid with another woman as a result.

Due to being out in public, she says she initially tried to cool down and walk away, but that the boyfriend started "pulling and pushing" her. 

“It was toxic," she said of their time together. "It was fun at the time, but it was very toxic. But I was young and I thought that toxic s—t was cute, but it’s not! Do not let a n—a put hands on you, and don’t put your hands on no n—a … I was really trying to keep the peace, keep it player, because we in a public environment.”

She says her ex then took her phone and smashed it on the ground before also stomping it. She further states that a witness called the cops who came at about the time she started to fight back, which made her "look like the aggressor." 

She says they continued their argument in front of the cops, and that she was asked by those police if her boyfriend hit her. She says she denied that he did to prevent him from going to jail, but that he didn't follow that lead.

“The laws asked that n—a if I hit him and he said, ‘Yeah! She hit me in the eye.’ Bitch, you got to know they sent me straight to jail! Them hoes cuffed me, I ain’t never been cuffed in my life,” she said.

She went on to say she was in jail for two days before being released. The case was dismissed in April 2016 after the boyfriend failed to show in court.

Watch her tell the story, in great detail, below:

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