Mac Miller's Team Is Putting Together a Tribute Project to Celebrate Him and His Music

On Tuesday, Warner Records revealed that Mac Miller's team is working on an untitled project, and also set up a toll-free number for fans to contribute to it.

Mac Miller

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Mac Miller

On Tuesday, Warner Records announced that Mac Miller's team was putting together a yet-to-be-titled project that would celebrate the late artist and his music. In that same announcement they also said that a toll-free number had already been set up to allow fans to call in and offer their "stories, thoughts, and wishes," which could potentially be added to the posthumous offering. Those interested in participating were then directed to this website.

“Mac Miller’s team is working on an untitled project to celebrate Malcolm and his music,” the brief statement said. “His art touched so many lives, in so many ways.”

If this tribute project were to be an album (the message put out by Warner is vague) then it would be Miller's second posthumous release of that sort. 

His estate first began approving posthumous singles last June. At the time, that included collaborations "Time" and "That's Life" being put out for the public. 

On January 8, 2020, Miller's family revealed that his first posthumous album, Circles, was set to be released later in the month. That album came out on January 17, and opened at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. That album, set to be a companion to 2018's Swimming, had been something that Miller was working on prior to his death. It was completed with the help of producer Jon Brion, who had also worked with Miller for Swimming

Miller died after an accidental drug overdose in September 2018. He was 26-years-old.

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