Birdman Hints at Upcoming Big Tymers Reunion Tour with Mannie Fresh at the Bud Light Crew HQ

Birdman chopped it up with Complex backstage after performing at Crew HQ on Saturday night in New Orleans.

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Birdman may currently be residing in a mansion in Miami that's utterly enormous (even by mansion standards) but he's still got those New Orleans roots. And, if all goes according to plan, he'll be back in two years.

On Saturday night, while performing in the town where he was born, the rap game veteran came prepared with a massive crew (even by rap mogul standards) and hinted at a Big Tymers reunion tour to come later this year, which crowd members at the Bud Light Crew HQ previewed when he performed alongside Mannie Fresh.

As always, get your hopes up at your own risk.

After performing a number of bangers, including a particularly well-received rendition of "Back That Ass Up," he headed backstage to chop it up with Complex about the warm reception he got in Louisiana, and what he's looking forward to at the All-Star Game.

You already read this much. If you haven't clicked 'play' yet you're doing it wrong.

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