ASAP Rocky's Mom on Her Son's Imprisonment in Sweden: 'It's So Unjust'

ASAP Rocky's mom talks about her son's current foreign predicament to TMZ.

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Renee Black, the mother of ASAP Rocky, told TMZ that she thinks Sweden may really have it out for her son, who is still incarcerated there after committing an alleged assault.

She made her comments to TMZ during a sit down where she also acknowledged that if Donald Trump talking to Sweden's Prime Minister has had no impact on the proceedings, then realistically nothing she or anybody else can do will either.

Additionally, after being asked point blank by the interviewer if she thinks Rocky being black had anything to do with the situation, she said she didn't want to play "the race card" but that she had no other explanation. "If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck" is how she summed it up.

She also said that she's only talked to him once since he was locked up in early July, but that he sounded strong at the time.

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Prosecutors in Sweden say that the only reason they continue to hold Rocky is because they think he's a flight risk. They have until this upcoming Thursday, July 25, to charge him with something. Rocky's legal predicament comes after he, and members of his entourage, were filmed fighting a man that they say had followed and harassed them. Rocky previously shared video of the incident on IG. 

On Monday, it was announced that the man on the business end of that beating would not be charged after prosecutors determined that he acted in self-defense when he struck a bodyguard of Rocky's over the head with some headphones. Prosecutors also determined that, prior to that headphone strike, security had picked the man up by his neck.

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