Watch Young Dolph Be an A-List Role Model in the "Get Paid" Video

Dolph's new video is the culmination of genius promo.

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Damn, Young Dolph is a promo genius for this one. Last month, the rising Tennessee trapstar Instagrammed himself with a mischievous-looking pre-teen, claiming in the captions that he had been court ordered to Big Brother the delinquent for 24 hours. It sounded like too good a scenario to be true—was Dolph really out here living out the underrated Paul Rudd classic, Role Models? If so then a paltry three grams wasn't enough—I needed to know more, to see more. What judge thought Dolph would be a good influence on a child?

Today we learn that it was indeed fake, but in the best way possible: it's the storyline for his latest music video, "Get Paid." (Although, it would've been truly hilarious if Dolph just found a white kid and came up with this fantastical story just to troll us.) In the video Dolph drags the kid around, imparting wisdom on how to go from being a boy into the Man, all while rapping about his own lessons in maturing into a baller. All throughout, Dolph's pre-pubescent charge ogles his hot maid and watches Dolph roll blunts before hitting a few hilariously awkward dabs and earning himself a chain by video's end. So it basically is like Role Models, but triller. All I ask now is for an official behind-the-scenes clip so we can see just how funny Dolph's interactions with this kid really were. Watch the video above and look out for Dolph's new project, King of Memphis, this Friday.

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