Young Dolph Shared Another Hilarious Moment of His Time Supervising a Troubled Kid

Seriously get these two a reality show.

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A few weeks back, Memphis rapper Young Dolph caused a stir online after he posted hilarious photos of him supervising an at-risk kid. The spectacle made the rounds on social media, primarily because of its resemblance to the plot of the Paul Rudd comedy Role Models

Thankfully, it looks like Dolph has more moments to share from this ridiculous encounter. He posted an Instagram today showing the still-unidentified kid and him hanging out with a scantily clad woman in a French maid outfit. The caption read "dis lil dude wild as hell mane.... smh #PaperRouteBUSINESS." Someone seriously needs to get these two a reality show. Check out Dolph's new post, as well as his previous ones, below.


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