Tyga Is So Mad About His Leaked Dick Pics He Called in the FBI

The saga of Tyga's leaked pics continues, and now the Feds are involved.

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The saga of Tyga's dick pics continues. Of course both he and his dudes vehemently dismissed yesterday's tabloid claims that he's been cavorting with a transgender actress for years, as well as cheating on Kylie Jenner. (Btw, did she predict this shit exactly?) Welp, apparently King Goldchains is truly fed up, and hitting us with a Bill Clinton, no sexual relations with that woman denial won't suffice. TMZ is reporting, via Tyga's lawyer Lee Hutton, that the rapper has officially involved the FBI.

As we noted yesterday, while the recipient of the penis picture may not have been the aforementioned Mia Isabella as Tyga claims, the photo is his nonetheless. He's calling it a hack job, and he's got his team and the feds tracing the source from the emails sent out to blogs yesterday containing the doctored text messages. TMZ also says that Mia, for her part, is claiming no affiliation with the leaks and willing to cooperate with the FBI to find the culprit. Let's hope for Tyga's beleaguered sake that the hacker is brought to justice and the true nature of his romantic affairs is cleared soon.

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