Life Imitates Art in Rick Ross' Video for "Sorry" f/ Chris Brown

The Boss' new video bears an eerie resemblance to his real life drama.

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Rick Ross is a genius. What other word describes the marketing brilliance that sees Ross parade new fiancée Lira Mercer around during his Black Market album promo, only for the two to abruptly break-up...and now apparently they're back together on the same morning he drops his video for "Sorry" with Chris Brown. As in, the song wherein an ultra apologetic Chris beg-croons for forgiveness even though reunion is probably futile, and Ross raps with his for-the-ladies steez. And to take matters further: Lira STARS IN the video, which features a dramatic BREAK-UP SCENE between her and Ross (it's no wonder his latest moniker is Renzel, the man has acting chops) only for the two kids to make-up right before a very dark ending.

Is this a coincidence, a serendipitous confluence of events? Did he decide to drop the video because they got back together? Or is Ricky Renzel Rozay a true diabolicalmarketing gawd? I'm a Ross fan so I was probably going to cop the album anyway, but he definitely has my purchase now. Commitment like this must be honored. Watch the full video above; Black Market drops Dec. 4.

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