2 Chainz Drops Video for New Single "Southside Hov"

For the record that was featured on his latest album, 'So Help Me God,' 2 Chainz flips Jigga's "Feelin' It" into a song.

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2 Chainz may have given up on securing a Jay-Z verse, but that doesn't mean he can't praise the legendary rapper. 

On Monday, 2 Chainz released the video for his latest single, "Southside Hov." For the record that was featured on his latest album, So Help Me God, Tity Boi flips Jigga's "Feelin' It" into a song that declares himself the Hova's Southern second coming. 

"I'm from the Southside where it's lukewarm/Where niggas set you up for robbery and help you look for 'em," 2 Chainz raps. "I been a stepper, I walk around with my own shoehorn. ... I saw my daddy die and told that nigga wake up/My momma woke me up and asked me for a wake-up."

For the video, 2 Chainz keeps the song's new, but still nostalgic feel. Images of Chainz's native landscape flash during the verses. The video also gets a black and white treatment while year-model luxury Teslas are lined behind him. 

"Southside Hov" serves as a reminder that Hov laid the blueprint (no pun intended) for rappers like 2 Chainz to become well-rounded artists as well as profitable businessmen. 

"I got a lot of admiration for the big homie, he been around for a few decades. He’s been relevant and successful, in our eyes," Chainz said to Apple Music when explaining the song. "He’s a businessman, philanthropist, he be helping the hood; married with the kids. He’s not a bad person to look at when you want some advice or trying to figure a couple of things out. So I just really talk about my business savvy on there, mixed with my hustling savvy, which is kind of where he came from, the same thing. From hustling to the Fortune 500 type of flow."

Watch 2 Chainz's video for "Southside Hov" above.

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