Vince Staples Off Probation, Thanks Mom, Meek Mill, and the Crips

"Let the record reflect I’m finna be jetsetting," Staples tweeted, adding an "R.I.P. Anthony Courdain!"

Vince Staples attends Elvis Duran Hosts Lounge

Image via Getty/Jerod Harris

Vince Staples attends Elvis Duran Hosts Lounge

It's a beautiful day in Long Beach, as the city's hip-hop spokesman Vince Staples is off probation. 

On Monday, Staples took to his favorite medium with a tweet that shared the good news with his followers.

"We finally off probation and on the way to getting the whole shabang expunged," Staples said before alluding to his ability to leave the country by referencing Anthony Bourdain and the chef's popular traveling culinary show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. "Let the record reflect I’m finna be jetsetting R.I.P. Anthony Courdain!"

Staples then reminisced on a simpler time in life when his only worries were Pop Warner football. He followed this by thanking the people that helped him get to this milestone—his mother, the Crips, and policy reform activist Meek Mill.

"I ain’t been this excited since my dad put rims on the Maxima right after we beat the Mission Viejo Cowboys," Vince explained. "Stay out the system Black people! Thank you’s to Meek Mill my Mama and the Crips for the motivation to escape."

As of now, it is unknown why Vince Staples was on probation. But it should be noted that almost a year after using his struggles with the system to help reignite a fire under R. Kelly, Vince is now off papers and Kelly has been indicted on 10 counts of sexual misconduct. Man, what a time to be alive.

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