Dr. Dre's Decision to Back Out of 'Verzuz' Battle Revealed by Swizz Beatz

'Verzuz' co-creator, Swizz Beatz, revealed that Dre was signed on to do a 'Verzuz' battle on a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, and why he backed out.

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Dr. Dre has an ear for perfection that has made him nearly a billionaire but it has also stopped fans from getting performances and projects they crave. The latter reared its head when Dre backed out of a Verzuz battle. 

During a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, Verzuz co-creator, Swizz Beatz, revealed that Dre was signed on to do a Verzuz battle but the platform’s early technical issues turned him off to the idea, as reported by HipHop-N-More.

“When Dr. Dre wasn’t feeling the sound from Teddy Riley and Babyface, that hurt our heart. Oh my God,” Swizz said. “He was supposed to come at the end and announce that he was gon’ do VERZUZ that night… He got on the phone, he was like ‘man, I can’t be a part of nothing that sound like that, my legacy is quality’. I was like ‘oh, we just lost Dre’… that one felt pretty crazy.”

Fortunately, Swizz and Timbaland were able to fix the technical issues and make Verzuz one of the biggest ideas to come from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pair have since sold the platform to Triller but remain in charge of its creative direction. As a result, they are trying to grab seemingly unattainable acts similar to Dr. Dre to help take Verzuz to new heights. This prompted Timbaland and Breakfast Club co-host, Charlamagne Tha God to resurface a decades-old debate.

“Ain’t nobody catalog like Chris Brown’s,” Timbaland said, backing his fellow Virginian. “Chris Brown got too much. He’s got like 50 bags, bro.” Charlamagne fireback with the only suitable opponent for Breezy. 

“Against who though,” he responded. “Nah, Chris Brown against Usher, Usher wins that. Usher got 20 nuclear weapons. [Chris Brown] got weapons but not nukes.”

Timbaland also alluded to Missy Elliot joining the Verzuz universe with a potential battle against Busta Rhymes. Watch Swizz and Timbaland’s full appearance on the Breakfast Club above.

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