Unsuccessful Lollapalooza Fence-Jumper With Prosthetic Leg Given 4 Day Pass by Rich the Kid

Rich the Kid sent out the offer after he saw that Mekailo Woodfork got caught.

rich the kid helps 1 legged kid

TORONTO, ONTARIO - AUGUST 04: Rich the Kid performs at the 2019 VELD Music Festival held at Downsview Park on August 04, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Johan Johannesson/Getty Images)

rich the kid helps 1 legged kid

Rich the Kid used his clout to help one fan enjoy Lollapalooza

Attendees packed Chicago's Grant Park for Lollapalooza. Yet, like most music festivals, not everyone that made it into the venue paid for their tickets. This weekend, a video went viral showing a group of kids rushing the barricade trying to scale a fence to get into Lollapalooza. According to witnesses, most of them were able to evade the police except one person, Mekailo Woodfork. 

After learning of the incident, both Rich the Kid and Lollapalooza creator Perry Ferrell offered him tickets to the event. But, Rich rolled out the red carpet for the 18-year-old. According to TMZ, the rapper gave Woodfork a four-day artist pass for the weekend.

Woodfork explained to TMZ that he had his leg amputated as a baby. He also disclosed that he and his friends had no plans on buying tickets and went to Grant Park with the sole goal of sneaking into the festival. Also, the encounter that was caught on film was just his first time trying to get in. After being caught, the police let him go. Woodfork used this as an opportunity to climb the barrier again. This time he made it over, but as soon as he touched down security was there to escort him out of the park. But, this determination paid off as he got to spend the rest of the weekend as part of Rich the Kid's Rich Forever camp. 

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