Max B on Past Beef With Jim Jones: 'It Should've Went a Different Way'

Max B says his rift with Jones was ego-driven.

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Max B was instrumental in helping Jim Jones form his ByrdGang collective. This close relationship turned into a beef with Max B separating himself from the group and speaking out against Jones as well as other members. Jones and Max B have since reconciled. During a recent jailhouse interview, Max B says that their rift was ego-driven and should have never gotten to the heights it reached. 

"It was just egos clashing, a lack of respect, a lack of everything. That shit don't mix well," Max B said around the clip's 30-second mark. "It should've went a different way. I think today, we would've handled the situation different. But, we was young. We was all crazy."

During a 2013 interview with Complex, Max B explained that his issue with ByrdGang was the collective's seniority system as well as Jones' money management. 

"They was under this impression—I think they all adopted this from Cam’ron—they were all into this impression that the new guys must pay the dues, and they don’t deserve this, and when they go out on a show they only get $300," Max said before explaining the mismanagement of fund. 

"I'm like, 'What the fuck, are you fucking kidding me?' I'm like, 'Number one: I do all the fucking records around here. Number two: all the records we producing in the studio—these are fucking singles you puttin’ out, radio spins! Where’s my shit? Why when I go perform at a show, and you making excess amount of dollars, you making ten, fifteen grand, how the fuck is you giving me $300? I'm doing eight, nine fucking records! I'm out here sweatin’ too! When you got drama and beef in different cities, and motherfuckers is throwing chairs on the stage—they throwin’ them shits at me too! I want money.' This is what all the beef start stemmin’ from. I always needed money. I'm like, 'I need money. I can’t live off $300. Naw, man, you gotta pay me accordingly. Or let me make my own money. Let me get my own manager, or assistant. Let me book my own shit.'"

As a result of feeling slighted, Max B released several diss songs aimed at Jim Jones and other Dipset members. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed allowing Jones and Max B to resolve their issues.

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