Logic Set to Release New Beat Pack 'Twitch Tape Vol. 1'

Logic has planned an interactive experience where fans get to vote on the beats they like most. The instrumentals will end up on the final tape.

Rapper Logic performs live during BottleRock

Image via Getty/Jim Bennett

Rapper Logic performs live during BottleRock

Logic may be retired from rapping, but he's still willing to feed his fans with music in other ways. 

On Tuesday, Logic told his followers he'll be releasing a beat pack on Friday via his Twitch channel. This will become an interactive experience for fans as they will get to vote on the beats they like the most. The instrumentals with the most votes will be featured on his upcoming beat tape Twitch Tape Vol. 1

"This Friday on my twitch channel I will be creating the twitch tape Vol .1 where I make a bunch of beats and the fans will vote for the top ones they love," Logic tweeted. "I will then arrange them zip them and release a link to them all in the stream for fans and rappers to enjoy for free!!!"

This comes after the rapper's latest interview with Nick Huff Barili. During their conversation, Logic decided to play some beats from his home studio for Barili. He explained to Barili that he makes instrumentals as a way to continue expressing himself creatively.

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"It makes me want to jump on it," Logic said when explaining his creative process around the above video's three-minute mark. "I be wanting to make shit that I want to rap on even if it's like weird or totally different."

Although he's allowing the world to hear his instrumentals, Logic isn't quite sure if he wants to be a producer for the second leg of his career. 

"I don't know if anyone would want them," Logic said. "And then I don't feel like sending out beat packs and keeping tabs on—because as a rapper, I know what it's like to be like 'Aye, don't let anyone get this.' And then three years go by and you never rap on it. And then you hear it somewhere and you're like 'Aye, man. I laid a scratch vocal on that, dog.'"

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