King Von's Manager Responds to Asian Doll Saying She Knew Late Rapper's Last Words

The death of King Von has become even more tragic as inner fighting within his personal circle starts to spill over into the public.

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The death of King Von has become even more tragic as inner fighting within his personal circle is starts to spill over into the public. 

This weekend, King Von's manager, Track, went on the offensive against people making speculations about the rapper's death. In the process, he takes aim at Von's ex-girlfriend, Asian Doll

King Von’s Manager Speaks

— Kollege Kidd (@KollegeKidd) November 9, 2020

"Let one more person from the outside that’s close to Von keep on with all this goofy shit," Track wrote on his Instagram Story. "I promise I’ma expose all that goofy shit, ’cause I was there n got shot behind this. Y’all stop blaming people y’all don’t even know what happen or who was involved. Y’all see one camera angle and think y’all figured it out. That goes for [ex]-girlfriend, family, or whoever."

Following Von's death, Asian Doll took to social media where she publicly grieved his murder. In the process, she claimed that Von used his last breath to blame his friends for his murder. 

"Von’s last words ‘y’all let them n-ggas get up on me,'" she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. "stop crying y’all let them get me. Y’all left my boy when he was unarmed & he would’ve hawked mfs down for them & spent AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN sh*t crazy I knew my boy HEART & LOYALTY wasn’t deserved he OK tho."

Asian Doll reveals King Von last words 😔💔

— soseriuzradio (@soseriuzradio) November 8, 2020

After threatening to expose her, Track sat down with DJ Akademiks on Monday where he shed light on Von's death and Asian Doll's tweets. 

Von’s manager (100kmgmt) who was also shot that night is saying Asian Doll made up what she’s saying Avon’s “last words” were... well she got it from a spiritual advisor

— Glock Topickz (@Glock_Topickz) November 9, 2020

"She's talking about she talking to Von through her spiritual advisor from after death," Track said. He goes on to read alleged text messages from Asian Doll before adding: "So you talking to the dead now, Asain Doll? Von from the afterlife is telling Asian Doll these 'facts,' guys."

Asian Doll has since responded to Von's manager.

"Everything he said, that ain't even shit," Asian Doll said. "Why do you feel like you need to come at the girlfriend? Everybody said something about y'all the whole world said something about y'all."

I don’t deserve that fasho 😒💔

— ASIAN DA BRAT (@AsianDaBrattt) November 9, 2020

You can watch the full interview above.

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