Killer Mike Thinks Colin Kaepernick Will Get Tryout if JAY-Z Becomes an Owner

"What we're really talking about is sports plantations and what fuels them."

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Few rappers have been on the front lines during the fight for social equality more than Killer Mike. As a result, it was almost necessary that the rapper give his opinion on JAY-Z's new partnership with the NFL. 

During an appearance on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Killer Mike showed support for Hov while also claiming this move will be beneficial to Colin Kaepernick's return. "I believe if JAY-Z becomes this team owner, Kaep gets a tryout," Mike said around four minutes into the interview above.

JAY-Z has received heavy criticism for becoming the NFL's new live music entertainment strategist. Fans, athletes, and analysts are confused by the way Hov can be both a vocal supporter of Kaepernick and partner with the league.

To Mike, this is merely a surface level issue. "Being a black American is a duality. ... What we're really talking about is sports plantations and what fuels them," Mike said at clip's three-minute mark. "JAY-Z has been a capitalist his entire career and a celebrated one because he's one of us that made it out the streets and in the rooms and he did what he could when he should."

"JAY-Z's play—I believe—not only gives us a seat at the doesn't destroy what Kaepernick kneeled for," Killer Mike continued. "What he kneeled for was proper treatment of us by state agents—by police. That does not end with him getting a job. The same way him kneeling is not an insult to the military."

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