Lil Durk Assists Icewear Vezzo on New Single and Video "Up the Sco"

Chicago’s Lil Durk hopped on I-94 to strengthen his Detroit ties by linking with Motown's Icewear Vezzo for the new single and video “Up the Sco.”

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Chicago’s Lil Durk hopped on I-94 to strengthen his Detroit ties by linking with Icewear Vezzo for the new single and accompanying video “Up the Sco,” set to appear on Vezzo’s Rich Off Pints album.

Vezzo welcomes the drill hero into Detroit’s underbelly to create a track steeped in Midwest street culture. Throughout the chorus, he brags about being ahead of his opps in every way possible, while also threatening to put more points on the board.

“Yeah, that chopper my attire, look how I wear it on me/Had to cut ’em off because they got weird on me,” Vezzo raps on the Rocaine production. “Up the score, up the score/Better check the board, we upped that score.”

“My opps be pressed, when they lose we call they phone like ‘Yes!’/My shorty shoot, but seem to focus more when he off X,” Lil Durk adds. “You gon’ get it if I think you with it/You better not like a picture/I don’t give a fuck if you a fan, bitch we don’t like them n***as.”

For the Counterpoint 2.0-directed video, Vezzo and Durk mesh the two aesthetics that were birthed in their respective cities. Like popular drill visuals, “Up the Sco” features a bunch of people with their attention focused on a single camera. There’s also no shortage of (prop) guns. They then blend the emphasis on flashing the spoils of their hard work in unique ways native to Detroit.

Icewear Vezzo has been one of the staple artists in Detroit’s underground for years. But now that the city’s underbelly is coming to the forefront, Vezzo is starting to gain national attention. He’s worked with everyone from G Herbo to Drakeo the Ruler, and songs like “Meg Thee Stallion” have racked up millions of views on YouTube.

Watch Icewear Vezzo’s “Up the Sco” featuring Lil Durk above, and stream it via Spotify below:

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