Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic' Is Now Available on Tidal

JAY-Z and the good folks at Tidal have perfect timing.

'The Chronic' album cover

Image via Dr. Dre

'The Chronic' album cover

JAY-Z and the good folks at Tidal have perfect timing. Just a day before 4/20, the streaming platform decided to add Dr. Dre's The Chronic to its library. 

The Chronic was released on Dec. 15, 1992. Not only did Dre's debut album popularize weed slang across the country, but it is also considered one of the best albums of all time. The Chronic helped introduce the world to acts like Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Nate Dogg, Warren G, and more, while also jump-starting Death Row Records' hostile takeover of the music industry. 

In the 28 years since its release, The Chronic has become the blueprint on how to create a regional sound and then globalize that aesthetic. The popularity surrounding The Chronic led Entertainment One (eOne)'s Global President, Chris Taylor, to reveal earlier this month that the album would hit all streaming services on 4/20. 

"Fans now have another reason to celebrate on what has become a national holiday, celebrating all things cannabis-related—where legally allowed and in moderation of course," Taylor said in a statement. "Working with the Death Row catalog is like working with the legendary recordings of Elvis, Chuck Berry, and the Beatles. These historic artifacts should be heard by all music lovers and we are so happy Dr. Dre has opened this door so everyone can experience the brilliance of this seminal work." 

While the album will be available on all platforms on Monday, Tidal was able to convince Dre to give them a leg up on their opposition by giving them access to the album a day early.

Tidal didn't just secure the culture-shifting project. It also added the music videos that accompanied The Chronic's original rollout to their digital content.

In addition to The Chronic's timeless records, the album is known for being technically and sonically ahead of its time. Tidal prides itself on having the highest definition and clearest sound quality when compared to other streaming services. This pairing adds excitement as people are anxious to see how Dre's engineering translates. 

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