DaBaby Says He Charges '6 Digits' for a Feature Verse

DaBaby's price went up as his success continues to grow.

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DaBaby is one of rap's biggest new stars. As a result, he's trying to strike while the iron is hot and get as much cash from the industry as possible. He's doing this through how much he charges for features.

While speaking about his success, DaBaby hinted to the L.A. Leakers that the price for a feature has gone up. "It's six digits," DaBaby said at around the 20-minute mark of the conversation. "God is great. It's six of 'em. It's six digits at least." This led DJ Sourmilk to wonder if negotiations ever get tense. But for DaBaby, hurting feelings won't make him come down off his price.

Prior to slightly disclosing his feature price, DaBaby recalled having to "pay to play." He described purchasing verses from Boosie Badazz and Lil Baby. As an up and coming artist, he had no problems doing so. "This is the most sought after occupation in the world," DaBaby continued. "This is the most complicated profession to thrive in... Any way I can help change the narrative I'm all for it."

DaBaby was fortunate enough to be featured on a song with J. Cole before he announced that he was once again closing the factory gates. DaBaby helped kick off Dreamville's now platinum-selling, Revenge of the Dreamers III, compilation tape alongside fellow Carolinians, Lute and Cole. Unlike most of the people featured on the project, DaBaby wasn't present during the sessions. Instead, Cole's team sent him "Under the Sun" because he wanted DaBaby to be on the track. 

"To see that that's the record that sets the tone for the project, it's No. 1, is big," DaBaby said of Cole's decision to start the album with "Under the Sun." "It speaks volumes. That's how you say a lot without saying nothing at all. And that's the type of person I feel J. Cole is."

Elsewhere in the interview, DaBaby talked about how Drake helped him get into Canada. "Shoutout to Drake. He got me cleared in Toronto, they ain’t wanna let me in. He got the pull like that. They been trying to put me in Toronto and they were like, ‘nah it’s a no go.’ […] Drake had every felon in my camp posted in Toronto… n**gas on probation and everything,” DaBaby said at around the 17:58 mark.

You can watch the rest of the video above.

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