DaBaby Owns Up to Throwing Fake Weed, Tells Fans to Stop Saying It Was Real

DaBaby admits he tossed fake weed into the crowd at Rolling Loud, and there’s a reason for it.

DaBaby performs during JMBLYA at Fair Park

Image via Getty/Cooper Neill

DaBaby performs during JMBLYA at Fair Park

Charlotte's DaBaby caught the industry's attention with his wild antics like wearing a functioning diaper to events. But since gaining popularity, these stunts have slowed down... so it seems.

During his set at Miami's Rolling Loud, it was reported that the rapper threw bags of weed into the audience. Yet, it was soon revealed that the weed was actually fake, leading fans to respond in anger after being tricked.

On Monday, DaBaby took to Instagram to inform his followers that the fake weed was thrown on purpose.

"Got yo MF ass & all of them bitches was Fake Weed when he open em up he gone HATE ME," the "Suge" rapper wrote under a screenshot that read "Da Baby Called Out For Throwing Fake Weed To Fans."

"Now imagine how ni**as used to feel when I sold em dat shit for 320. Ni**as know how I get down," he continued. "Now tell all these other blogs quit saying the shit was real before they fuck around get me indicted."

Although throwing fake props (usually money) is a routine trick used to enhance performances, the fans' outrage adds to the drama surrounding this year's Rolling Loud. In addition to Lil Wayne canceling his set, Kodak Black was arrested and Youngboy Never Broke Again was reportedly involved in a shooting.

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