Blac Chyna Reportedly Calls Soulja Boy an 'Immature, Thirsty Clout Chaser'

The two reportedly got together in an effort to troll Tyga.

Blac Chyna is seen on October 11, 2018

Image via Getty/Hollywood To You/Star Max

Blac Chyna is seen on October 11, 2018

Though they only reportedly dated for a few weeks, Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy are having a bit of a nasty break up.

As reported by TMZ on Friday, Feb. 22, sources close to Blac Chyna say that she feels Soulja Boy is merely looking for attention by associating himself with her. According to the report, Chyna thinks the rapper is an "immature, thirsty clout chaser" and she's glad their relationship is over. 

This comes after Soulja Boy took to Twitter with a series of tweets degrading Chyna, claiming their relationship was short because he only wanted to have sex with her. Then he apologized for the tweet, before reneging on the apology and restating his original sentiments.

"Just wanted to see what the p*ssy felt like," Soulja Boy said in the now-deleted tweet.

However, Chyna insists that Soulja Boy's social media grandstanding was just that, and claims that he "was begging to get with her," in addition to showering her with $20,000 worth of gifts on Valentine's Day. Despite the brief dalliance, TMZ adds that Chyna is glad that they are not together anymore because the recent tweets "showed his true colors." It is said that she feels his actions were "the lowest of the low, and utterly ridiculous."

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that the only reason Soulja started dating Chyna in the first place was to troll Tyga. Sources said that Soulja and Chyna hatched a plan to get back at Tyga by faking a relationship. Earlier this year, Soulja and Tyga were embroiled in a feud over who had the biggest comeback in 2018.

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