Benny the Butcher Reveals Jay-Z's Heard His Drake Collab, Says Hov Doesn’t Take Rivalries ‘Personal’

During a recent conversation with 'No Jumper,' Griselda's Benny The Butcher touches on his relationship with Drake, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kanye West.

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The Shooter for Griselda sat down with Adam22 and No Jumper where he gave an in-depth look at the many iconic figures who have guided his career. 

During a recent conversation with No Jumper, Benny The Butcher touches on his relationship with Drake, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kanye West. Around the conversation’s 50 minute mark he explains that Jigga’s mentorship is something he holds dearly because Hov doesn’t have to take the time out of his day to give Benny advice. 

“He accepts the responsibility of that when he don’t fucking got to,” Benny said when detailing the mentorship he receives from Jigga. “I learn from him doing that and I feel responsible to the other generation from me learning from him.”

He also stated that Hov was one of the first people to hear his long-awaited collaborations with Drake. After revealing that they plan on dropping the single soon as a free freestyle for fans, Benny told Adam22 that there isn’t any real tension between Hov and Drizzy. 

“It’s Jay, man he don’t take that shit personal,” Benny said at around the 36:40 mark. “He gonna be him. Hov gon’ be Hov. None of these niggas could hold a candle to that guy.”

Benny also congratulates his Griselda brothers, Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine, for making the final list of features for ‘Ye’s DONDA album even though he’s not on the project.

“I’m not on the DONDA album… I don’t think ‘Ye wanted me to be on DONDA, that’s cool,” he said around the interview’s 26-minute mark. “Conway and West on there. Everybody knows that if they on there then I’m on there because that’s gang. I’m still going to fly that flag.”

Similar to his feeling about Jay-Z, he doesn’t think that used the fact that he’s closer to OVO than his counterparts as a personal reason to keep him off the album.

“They know that this is a business,” he continued. “And guys that they fuck with is maybe going to work with guys who they don’t fuck with. They understand that. And I understand that too. I don’t take none of this shit personal.”

Being excluded from things regarding his close collaborators isn’t a new feeling to Benny. In fact, being Griselda’s underdog reared its head during the start of Benny’s bidding war.

Conway and Westside Gunn were signed to Shady Records. But for some reason, Shady decided to let Benny walk and figure out his own label situation. Because of this, Benny isn’t looking to sign to Eminem’s label now that he’s one of the hottest artists in the world. 

“It kind of seemed like they weren’t interested until other people were interested,” he said. Benny is now poised to sign a massive deal once he settles on a label that will allow him to grown his brand.

Watch Benny The Butcher’s full interview with Rick Hyde above.

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