Asian Doll Apologizes to Fans Following Pro-Trump Comments

Asian Doll sent out the apology after saying she'd rather vote for Trump because she has witnessed people getting money during his presidency.

Asian Doll attends The 2019 BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards

Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage

Asian Doll attends The 2019 BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards

With the election around the corner, some people are sending out unsolicited political opinions on social media that should've been left in their drafts. Unfortunately for Asian Da Brat, she became a living example of this. 

On Monday, Asian sent out a tweet claiming that she rather vote for President Trump than "that other dude." She went on to claim that she's on Trump's side because of his financial policies. 

"I fuck with the n**ga Trump because the n**ga giving out a lot of money right now," Asian said in an Instagram Live session.

As expected, this didn't sit well with fans. They took to social media and bashed Asian Da Brat for not being informed on political issues. 

Despite this backlash, Asian Da Brat stood by her comments, telling fans to "suck my dick" because she's not interested in pleasing them. 

Still, she issued an apology to anyone who felt offended by her comments. 

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