42 Dugg Explains Why Future’s ‘Steve Harvey’ Line Would Go Viral

During a recent appearance on 'The Breakfast Club,' 42 was asked his reaction when he heard Future say "tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her" on his record.

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42 Dugg is an ultimate gambler who understands that there are no rewards without risks. So when Future jumped out the window with his remarks about Lori Harvey and her father on “Maybach,” Dugg realized that all the money is in and it’s going to pay off beautifully. 

During a recent appearance on TheBreakfast Club, 42 was asked his reaction when he heard Future say “Tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her” on his record.

LMAO . He’s backkkkkkk pic.twitter.com/n5BsGAvwbO

— 888 (@lyemcfly) May 21, 2021

“It’s going down,” Dugg said. He went on to explain that he understands the nature of social media and how one remark can make a song go viral.

“I told his ass ‘You needa say that shit three more times.’” Dugg said around the interview’s 33-minute mark. “I was loving it. … Future knew too though. He knew what was going on. Future a bad motherfucker.”

“Maybach” went on to become a single off 42 Dugg’s latest album Free Dem BoyzFuture not only gave Dugg a viral boost, but he also appeared in the music video. Dugg explained to the hosts that Future knew the song would gain attention and wanted to make sure every detail was perfect. 

“We shot the video he changed his clothes six times,” Dugg continued. “I was like ‘Yeah, you know this motherfucker gon’ be a hit.’ He made me change my clothes.” 

Watch 42 Dugg’s full comments on The Breakfast Club above.

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