The Internet Reacts To Fake News Story About "Tomb Of Drake" Being Built In Toronto

The video was created by comic, musician, and content creator Graeme Barrett.

Andrew Lahodynskyj / Getty Images

There's no denying Drake will have a lasting effect on his hometown of Toronto, but what if there was a permanent monument celebrating The 6 God for eternity?

Comedian Graeme Barrett, who you might remember for going viral in his LARPer finding a dead body video, has gotten people talking again, this time for creating a fake news story about "The Tomb of Drake" being built in downtown Toronto.

The video already has 1.5 million views on Instagram Reels since being posted two days ago.

"I wanna go," he wrote in the caption.

According to the story, the tomb is expected to open in late 2024. Barrett plays the site supervisor, saying the underground portion is complete.

"It's got everything Drake requested for the afterlife, so there's rooms filled with Patron, there's room for 21 Savage, and there's also a fully functioning OVO store."

To prevent grave robbing, Barrett says they had an "old lady curse all the items, so if someone does steal something for the rest of their life they will be followed home by the owl man."

In a final dig at Drizzy, Barrett says the only sealed item in the sarcophagus will be a pirated copy of Stranger Things.

So far, people are playing along with the joke in the comments.

"Hotline Bling played on repeat when your trapped inside," said one commenter on IG.

"Is this why Eglinton ain't done yet?" Added another.

Of course, fans also reached into their "Drake the kind of guy" bag of jokes.

For example: "Drake's the type of guy to prclaim 'I'm vanquished, go on without me' before enterting the realm of the deceased."

Also: "Drake the kind of dude to say 'you can run, but you can't hide' when someone try to rob his grave."

And finally: "Drake the type of guy to seal himself in the millennium puzzle for 5000 years to await the return of the shadow games."

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