Lil Pump says "Gucci gang" 53 times on "Gucci Gang." 

The repetitive lyrics have become a meme and YouTube is filled with ridiculous edits like "Gucci gang but every time he says Gucci gang the song gets more distorted." There are even versions that have been altered so "Gucci gang" is the song's only lyric.

This week, a YouTuber named Graham The Christian took things a step further and promised his followers that he would say the phrase "Gucci gang" one million times on a live stream. The stream has now ended, but you can watch the final 1,000 "Gucci gang's" on his YouTube channel here (or above). Some Lil Pump fans are already calling the kid a legend and making him fan art.

You know how you can pick any word at random and it starts to sound really weird after you say it a few times in a row? That's exactly what happens here but multiplied by a million. Honestly, I couldn't even make it through the whole fifteen-minute video (the mouse clicks after each "Gucci gang" didn't help), so I guess a little respect is due to the guy for carrying this thing out. 

Graham used the spectacle to raise money for charity and set up a fund with an organization called Red Nose Day that helps children in poverty. He's already raised over $10,000 through the stream and you can still donate here.