Cardi B Performs "Finesse" With Bruno Mars at the 2018 Grammy Awards

The pair performed a live version of their collaborative "Finesse" remix.

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Nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, Cardi B also made an appearance on stage with Bruno Mars for a performance of their "Finesse" remix.

Wearing colorful threads (Cross Colours!) inspired by the song's throwback music video, Cardi B opened and closed the performance with fiery verses that bookended a choreographed dance from Bruno.

Earlier in the night, Cardi B caught up with Billboard and shared her thoughts on people who said she didn't deserve to be there. "It’s just like, how do people with no credentials gonna make me feel like I don’t deserve my success?" she said. "And it’s like, there’s people from the Grammys, these are people that pick and choose who deserves it or not, and they feel like I deserve it, so it’s like… What’s popping? Who gonna say something?"

Cardi also commented on the Time's Up movement, which was observed at this year's Grammys by artists who carried white roses.

She said, "To me, it feels so crazy that now that in Hollywood, it’s being talked about. In the community where I’m from, in the field that I used to be in, there used to be so many girls that were dancers, that are bartenders. A lot of urban girls that see hip-hop music videos, they see hip-hop magazines that there’s a lot of big, bootylicious girls, and there’s just so many men out there and there’s so many people that claim to be the ‘plug’ to get them there."

In usual Cardi B fashion, she described her mood for the night as, "butterflies in my stomach and vagina!"

You can watch Bruno Mars and Cardi B's performance of "Finesse" in full above.

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