Did Yo Gotti Finally Win Over His Crush Angela Simmons With Flowers?

It really does go down in the DM.

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Earlier today, you might have noticed Twitter talking aboutYo Gotti and Angela Simmons. It’s because Gotti might have won over Simmons, who has been his longtime crush, by sending her flowers. That’s some #ClassicMan behavior right there.

But let’s backtrack for a minute. Gotti has made his feelings known for Simmons ever since he made her his Woman Crush Wednesday on several occasions. Here’s the latest one from over the summer:

More recently, Gotti has revealed he has a thing for Simmons again on his new single, “Down in the DM.” He raps, “And I just followed Angela (Simmons) / Boy, I got a crush on Angela Simmons.” When asked about Simmons in an interview with DJ Smallz, Gotti was nonchalant about it and kept his cool.  See for yourself:

The flowers Gotti sent were to congratulate Simmons on the launch of her new designer label Foofi & Bella. The brief description on Instagram says it provides a chic fashion alternative to fur. In addition, it utilizes acrylic and polyester blends, so Foofi & Bella’s fabrications pay realistic homage to mink, suede, lynx and shearling while staying one hundred percent animal free.

Last night, Foofi & Bella held a holiday party, and that’s where several pictures of Gotti and Simmons together surfaced online. Gossip sites have already jumped to the conclusion that they are a new couple. Twitter was all for it:

Respect to Yo Gotti .. Gotta shoot your shot lol
Yo Gotti really living his raps #DreamsComeTrueInTheDms
Meek Mill tweeted he wanted Nicki and Yo Gotti put his admiration for Angela Simmons in a song. Don't be afraid to appear thirsty.
Yo Gotti is today's superhero.

Whether or not Gotti’s kind gesture will turn into anything serious with Simmons, it just shows that taking risks actually pays off. Thank you Gotti for the reality raps of “Down in the DM.”

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