XXXTentacion Claims He Was Threatened by KKK Member Over "Look at Me" Video

XXXTentacion shared a recording of an alleged KKK member making threats to him.

XXXTentacion is a grey area for music media, especially after unsettling details from his alleged abuse victim were made public in recent weeks. On top of that, the rapper shared a tasteless response by mocking feminists, and made more threats with explicit language. X seemingly wants to create shock value moments without receiving backlash.

But when you release a disturbing video depicting a white child being hanged and reenacting the deaths of Emmett Till, Philando Castile, and Heather Heyer, among others, you’re asking for an incendiary response from all parties. And X decided to show one from an alleged member of the KKK who wants to inflict violence on him for the imagery in “Look at Me.”

Read X’s caption below and watch the video above.


This voicemail is horrific, no doubt, but X’s use of it to justify the video’s shocking imagery and his own questionable decisions—artistic and otherwise—reminds us of his propensity to cause controversy for the sole purpose of gaining our attention. And he hasn’t exactly given us a reason to show him any sympathy. The domestic battery case, which goes to trial in Florida on Oct. 5, has turned many against him, including lots of the same media outlets he relied on for his quick rise to fame.

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