Rihanna Approves of Drake's "Summer Sixteen"

RiRi is down with Drake's new single.

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After months of anticipation, Drake set the tone of what Views From the 6 will sound like with “Summer Sixteen.” It follows the same lineage of Drake’s aggressive, yet bouncy cuts, but it has a purpose: he’s not letting anyone come even close to his throne. One artist who has shown approval almost immediately was Rihanna.

RiRi shared a drawing of a stick figure of herself holding a red balloon, which has been associated with her new album ANTI. Her caption was subtle, maybe even a subliminal hint that she’s looking for revenge this year as well: “lookin lookin ..... all summer 16 🎈🔫”

Rihanna and Drake teamed up on “Work,” the lead single from her eighth studio album. The track got some play during October Firm’s set on OVO Sound Radio. Should we call it now? Views From the 6 and ANTI the soundtracks of 2016?

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