Did Meek Mill Take Shots at 50 Cent on "Gave 'Em Hope"?

Meek isn't biting his tongue for no one.

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Meek Mill is trying to redeem himself on his new EP, 4/4. His beef with Drake nearly ruined his chances of being accepted again as a legitimate rapper. But on this project Meek is focused, zeroing in on his foes and sending them a clear message: don’t ever count him out.

Meek already threw some shots at Drake on his freestyle over “I’m the Plug.” Nearly six months later, he’s responded to Drake’s claims on “Back to Back,” but will it give him the W he needs right now?

Similarly, on “Gave ‘Em Hope,” the Philly rapper has thrown some subliminal darts at 50 Cent. The first one is pretty layered, which calls out 50 Cent for associating himself with "rats" or the alleged victim who got Rick Ross arrested for kidnapping, aggravated battery and assault charges. He later pokes fun at Fif's former friend/rival Floyd Mayweather and him filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

"You know the game, if you co-sign a rat / You forever a rat, we were never with that / You tried to go "Money" May with that paper / But now you in debt cause you never was that"

The second wave of lines could be referring to when Vivica A. Fox implied 50 Cent might be gay. Moments later, Meek alludes to 50's own neighborhood, Southside Jamaica, by stating his rich girlfriend (Nicki Minaj) is from the same area.

"I got fifty reasons say you're taking d**k / And it's fifty reasons I should kill, ni**a / But for real ni**a, I be taking trips with my Philly ni**as / Got the richest chick, she's from your hood / Ni**as hatin' on me, I ain't really trippin' / Shit, I'm good"

All of this stems from 50 Cent laughing at Meek Mill and taking on all of MMG during a concert in Sweden last November. It obviously bothered Meek so much that he had to fire back. You can watch the video again for a recap.

If this is any indication on how Meek is responding to disses, this won't be the last time he'll be going after 50.

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