Here’s the Latest in Future and Ciara’s Legal Battle

Future reportedly says Ciara has no proof that her cosmetics deal fell apart because of him.

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At this point, Future and Ciara will never get back to looking cute and cozy like they did in their “Body Party” video.

In the latest update of their legal battle provided by TMZ, they report that Future is calling out Ciara’s cosmetics deal story. TMZ broke the news in July when Ciara claimed Future slandering her name on Twitter cost her a half a million cosmetic deal.

Now, Future reportedly believes the whole thing is fabricated, according to documents obtained by TMZ. He say no such deal ever existed, and if it did, why hasn’t Ciara named the company that’s supposedly approaching her?

Ciara is still suing Future for defamation, slander, and libel against Future that was filed in January. Future filed a motion to dismiss the case, but Ciara’s lawyer, Tanya Mitchell Graham, filed a response that contains a deposition about his tweets. You can read the court documents in full here via Sandra Rose.

Ciara has also claimed that Future reportedly threatened to kill her husband Russell Wilson, which she filed as more proof in her defamation case. Future wants both these claims dismissed.

Although a previous TMZ report stated that Ciara was denied sole custody of Baby Future, court docs show that only a temporary visitation schedule for Future was made back in May. The final decision for custody (joint or sole for either parent) hasn’t been decided yet.

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