The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: Ciara and Future's on screen debut as an otherworldly couple. Okay, to be honest, this "Body Party" video, by Director X, is exactly what we wanted from her latest Mike WiLL Made It-produced single, co-written by Future.

As we heard when the single dropped, there's a very recognizable sample of So So Def's "My Boo." It's fitting, and in the video we watch Future and Ciara introduce themselves to one another (Yes, that's "Karate Chop" playing in the background). We get to watch Ciara dance solo, and then in front of her man. It's honestly breathtaking to watch their love unfold in front of the cameras, scripted or not. This is also one of the first music videos where Future's without sunglasses, which is probably because he has the look of love in his eyes.

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