Are Drake and Björk on a Version of Kanye West's "Wolves?"

"Wolves" is turning into the greatest track of all time.

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Kanye West’s “Wolves” is evolving into one of the most intricate pieces of art in contemporary hip-hop. The song’s producer, Cashmere Cat, might’ve just sparked more rumors of what the final version of “Wolves” will be.

Kanye To The took screenshots of Cashmere Cat’s Snapchat of him playing a version that has Drake and Björk as features. According to KTT, Drizzy was originally called upon to sing what ended up being Vic Mensa’s part. Who knows if that’s true or not, but it would mean the two have finally collaborated on a song together since “Find Your Love.”

On The Life of Pablo, Drake’s already credited as a writer on “30 Hours” and “Facts.” Seeing that he’s been in the studio with ‘Ye during the Pablo sessions, it’s not unusual to think Drizzy would have gotten a feature out of it. Maybe pool sizes were the deal breaker.

As of now, "Wolves" features Caroline Shaw, Vic Mensa, Sia, Frank Ocean, Drake and Björk. What a time to be a Kanye fan.

Check out the screenshots, below.

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