Lou Phelps Drops Madlib-Produced Track "SOUND OF MONEY"

Lou Phelps, Kaytranada's little brother, taps prolific hip-hop producer Madlib for a a smooth and slick track about money. Listen to it here.

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The line “Fuck a list /I’ll probably buy your baby mama’s kids Nintendo Switch” embodies the humble flex of Lou Phelps’ latest track “SOUND OF MONEY.”

Following his 2020 mixtape EXTRA! EXTRA! the Montreal MC is back but this time with prolific hip-hop producer Madlib by his side. “SOUND OF MONEY” hears Lou Phelps and Madlib create a smooth and slick track about money.

“I tried to approach “SOUND OF MONEY” in a more playful angle,” Phelps tells Complex. “Usually MCs that rap over these sample-based beats tend to have serious or conscious bars, which is fine, but that specific instrumental sounded light and fun to me, so I did my best to match that energy.”

Lou floats effortlessly away from his more club-oriented, danceable hip-hop sound towards a silkier, sample-heavy jam that instantly transports listeners into the front seat of a car cruising through California.

Madlib’s mellow production seamlessly bolsters Lou Phelps laid-back flow, marking a change of pace for the Montrael native and showcasing his talent in different styles.

The music video, directed by Igel Perets, exudes a classic black-and-white atmosphere, but with modern, glitching effects showcasing a debonair Phelps occasionally smoking from a joint.

Whether you bump this track in your car, headphones, or speakers, you’ll certainly feel the funk.

Check out “SOUND OF MONEY” above.

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