Frank Ocean’s long-awaited headlining Coachella set went down last night, and everyone has an opinion about it.

All over Twitter, people are theorizing about what happened before, during, and after the controversial set. Why was Frank so late? Did he decide to completely change the set design last-minute, which led to logistical issues? Why didn’t he sing more of the songs in full? What happened to the livestream? Are Coachella organizers upset?

The funny thing is, most of these theories and hot takes are coming from people who weren’t actually there. The performance wasn’t livestreamed, so it was mostly consumed through low-quality IG Live sessions from people in the crowd. Fortunately, two members of the Complex team—Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo and Ben Felderstein—were actually in attendance, and they’re here to share their firsthand accounts of the set. 

Here’s what it was really like to be in the crowd for Frank Ocean’s headlining Coachella performance.