Rihanna and Amanda Bynes Trade Insults on Twitter

Rihanna offers a biting comeback to a couple of deleted tweets.

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Not one to mince words on Twitter, Amanda Bynes decided to get herself embroiled into yet another controversy today. This time, her target was Rihanna. Not only did she call the singer ugly, she claimed that this was the reason why Chris Brown beat her in the infamous incident from several years ago. Bynes went further, claiming that she almost named her dog Rihanna. While it is unclear what prompted this online attack from Bynes, the tweets were promptly deleted.

But that didn't stop Rihanna from finding out about them.

The singer is known for responding to haters and detractors using social media, so why would the troubled actress be any different? Rihanna offered a simple rebuttal, asking a rhetorical question and refusing to even tag Bynes in the tweet. 

Check the back-and-forth below. This is likely not the end of the online drama between the two.

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