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If there's one thing we've learned about following Rihanna on social media (and listening to her music, and seeing her perform, and...), it's that the girl gives zero fucks.

How would you like it if people were constantly all in your Twitter mentions insulting you? Well, you either ignore it, or you address it. And when Rihanna addresses it, it's usually absolutely hilarious. Today, a Knicks fan on Instagram came at Rihanna for partying with J.R. Smith after a Knicks win in Game 2 of the series. Rihanna went off calling Smith a "desert thirsty n****" and calling the Knicks a "wack ass team." Ha! And you thought Kevin Garnett was the Knicks' biggest shit talking foe!

This reminded us of a number of other times Rihanna ethered people via social media. Here are Rihanna's 10 Best Social Media Slanders.

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