Kanye West Just Shared This Incredible Lou Reed Interview

Lou Reed was asked if he was either a transvestite or homosexual.

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Every once in awhile, Kanye West gets on his Twitter account and gets the world talking. Most of the time, it's to provide information about stuff he's working on, like his last album, Yeezus. But occasionally, he offers his opinion or insight on other events.

Today, Kanye posted an interview Lou Reed did at the Sydney airport in 1975. In the interview, Reed is asked about his drug usage, his music, and people's perception of him. He is sarcastic throughout the entire exchange. When asked about sexuality in his music, the following exchange occurs:

Interviewer: "Are you a transvestite or a homosexual?"
Lou Reed: "Sometimes."
Interviewer: "Which one?"
Lou Reed: "Does it matter?"
It is easy to see why Kanye can relate this interview. Throughout his career, he has battled with his portrayal in the media and excessive scrutiny from intrusive paparazzi. Meanwhile, earlier this year, Reed gave a positive review of Yeezus. Reed passed away one month ago at age 71.

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